Flavogard 50 mg Tablet with Pycnogenol

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Flavogard: the First Hungarian Pycnogenol-based Product

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Flavogard 50 mg

Dietary supplement tablets containing 50 mg Pycnogenol each (30 tablets)


Primary Mechanisms of Action

Dilates blood vessels, strengthens blood vessel walls, reduces inflammation,

Fields of Application

Pycnogenol, the active ingredient of Flavogard  has a protective role in a number of diseases/disorders:

  • asthma : improved breathing capacity as well as a significant reduction in concentrations of the leukotrienes responsible for inflammatory conditions
  • lupus : significant decrease in levels of auto-immune antibodies and reduction in over-reaction of immune cells
  • diabetic retinopathy : five studies involving more than 1000 patients showed that Pycnogenol® repaired permeable capillaries. Progressive deterioration of vision ceased and in some cases, visual acuity improved.
  • hyperlipidemia: 20% decrease in LDL cholesterol and 15% increase in HDL after 3 months’ daily supplementation with 120 mg Pycnogenol®
  • hyperpigmentation: in a clinical trial of 30 women with this condition, Pycnogenol® supplementation at 75mg/day significantly lightened their excess skin pigmentation
  • hypertension : systolic blood pressure was significantly reduced by Pycnogenol® supplementation
  • menstrual pain : women suffering very painful periods were given 30-60mg Pycnogenol® a day for a month, starting 1 week before their period. The majority experienced a significant reduction in cramps.
  • circulation problems : Pycnogenol® increases production of nitric oxide and inhibits constriction of the arteries induced by stress hormones. Pycnogenol® improves circulation in elderly individuals. It inhibits superoxide radical in blood flow, helping to maintain a healthy circulatory system, and protects blood vessel walls. The most significant improvements are in peripheral microcirculation (hands, feet, legs and eyes).
  • risk of myocardial infarct and heart attack : Pycnogenol® normalizes platelet activity which is responsible for the development of blood clots following vascular damage, but unlike aspirin, does not affect coagulation in wounds.
  • sports endurance : intense physical activity increases free radical production in the body by 10-20%. Pycnogenol® counters these harmful effects and improves circulation, encouraging an optimal supply of nutrients and oxygen, and helping the body achieve continuous optimal performance. Athletes receiving pycnogenol® showed a 21% improvement in endurance in a controlled treadmill test.
  • internal cosmetic and skin ageing : the constituents of Pycnogenol® have a particular affinity for collagen and elastin which help prevent their destruction by lytic enzymes and free radicals and maintain smooth, firm skin. Pycnogenol® supplementation protects against sunburn: when 21 healthy volunteers were supplemented with Pycnogenol®, it took double the strength of UV radiation before erythema (redness) appeared.
  • venous insufficiency : 15 clinical studies involving over 500 patients showed that Pycnogenol® reduces oedema, pain and other symptoms associated with vein problems. These studies were conducted with doses ranging from 30 to 360 mg a day: the highest doses were, in some cases, effective after just five days’ treatment and lower doses were used over several months. It is therefore recommended to take a higher dose at the start of treatment, reducing the dose once the problem has eased

Detailed information: http://www.flavogard.com

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