Neutra Capsule with Calcium Glycerophosphate

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Neutra: calcium glycerophosphate reduces acidity of food and drinks



food supplement capsule with calcium glycerophosphate

What is Neutra?

Neutra is a food supplement in capsule form capsule  containing calcium glycerophosphate which neutralizes acids in foods. Taking Neutra before eating acidic foods can help to reduce or relieve symptoms in people whose medical conditions are exacerbated by acid consumption.

Why is Reducing Acids in Food Necessary?

Many people are highly sensitive to food acid. Reducing up to 95% of the acid from food and beverages may allow people to remain comfortable when eating those foods.

How Does Neutra Work?

Calcium glycerophosphate raises the pH of acidic foods and thus neutralizes the acid contained in these foods. It does not reduce acid production in the stomach, nor does it make acid in the stomach more alkaline in nature, so it needs to be taken prior to eating foods with a high acid content. By reducing the acidity of the food before it enters the body, Neutra may  can assist in alleviating symptoms caused by several different conditions

Who Could Benefit from Neutra?

By lowering the acid content of foods, Neutra may relieve symptoms of conditions in which acidity in the body can cause problems. Upper digestive conditions like heartburn and GERD are often exacerbated by eating acidic foods, causing people suffering from these conditions to give up foods they love and that are nutritious. These symptoms may be moderated or relieved with Neutra. Interstitial cystitis (IC) (or Bladder Pain syndrome, BPS), a painful inflammatory bladder condition, is also exacerbated by acidic foods in some patients.

How is Neutra Different from Acid Reducing Drugs?

Neutra works on the food not on the body and must be taken with food.

Is Neutra Safe?

The active ingredient in Neutra is FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)  mineral and is also listed in the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). 

How To Take Neutra?

Before eating highly acidic foods, take one or two Neutra capsules. Neutra can be used every time you eat acidic foods. The active ingredient in Neutra is considered to be generally safe, but before beginning any supplement, contact your physician for approval.

Supplement Facts in Two Capsules of Neutra (% RDA)?

Kalcium (kalcium-glicerofoszfát formájában) 130 mg (15%)

Foszfor (kalcium-glicerofoszfát formájában) 100 mg (10%)

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