Selena 150 Tablet with Selenium

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Selena 150: Gold Standard Clinical Research

The American National Cancer Institute has selected the active ingredient of Selena 150 for many health and cancer prevention studies

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Selena 150

Food Supplement with High Selenium  Yeast

  The Importance of Selenium to Human Health

Antioxidant, cancer prevention, synthesis of thyroid hormones
  • contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system,
  • prevented the onset and development of several types of cancer in clinical studies
  • takes part in the synthesis of thyroid hormones
  • prevented the onset and development of cardiovascular diseases in clinical trials
  • contribute to the normal eyesight

Why Is Selenium Substitution Important?

Selenium Depleted Soil, Uncertain Selenium Intake, Higher Risks of Diseases

Selenium is a trace element found to a varying extent in soil. It enters the human diet through plants such as whole grains and through the meat of animals grazing on vegetation containing selenium. Low selenium status has been associated with increased risk of mortality, poor immune function, and cognitive decline. Higher selenium status or selenium supplementation has antiviral effects, is essential for successful male and female reproduction, and reduces the risk of autoimmune thyroid disease. Clinical studies have generally shown benefits of higher selenium status on the risk of prostate, lung, colorectal, and bladder cancers. People living in areas with low selenium content of the soil have the multiple risk of cancer disease, infection, and inflammation compared to individuals living in regions with high content of selenium.

What makes SelenoExcell® Unique?

Outstanding Clinical Results, Gold Standard Clinical Research, Safety (GRAS)

SelenoExcell ®– the active ingredient in Selena 150 is unique in several aspects:

  • contains 100% organically bound selenium,
  • contains the whole spectrum of selenium compounds,
  • has outstanding outcomes in major clinical studies,
  • Gold Standard Clinical Research,;
  • GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

Outstanding Clinical Results with SelenoExcell®

Reduction in Total and Cancer Mortality, and New Onset of Cancer in Patients with Cancer

Nutrional Prevention of Cancer (NPC) Study (1312 patients, 4.5 years of treatment, 200 mcg SelenoExcell® daily, 6.4 years of follow-up)(no change in the primary end point -skin cancer)

  • total mortaliy -17%
  • cancer mortality – 50%
  • new onset of cancer – 37%
  • new lung cancer -46%
  • new colorectal cancer -58%
  • new prostate cancer – 63%
Reduction in Cardiovascular Mortality in Elderly People (in combination with CoQ-10)
  • Treatment of elderly Swedish people living in the coutryside with 200 mcg selenium (SelenoPrecise) + 200 mg CoQ10 for 48 months reduced cardiovascular mortality by more than 50%.

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