How to order?

Our products can be purchased at the pharmacies and healthy food stores in Hungary, by e-mail, or via our webstore.

Orders are delivered by mail or courier service, payment is cash against delivery (payment to the courrier service), or by bank transfer.

VAT Exempt Customers in the European Unit (EU)

In the EU, VAT exempt customers are companies  (business-to-business, B2B commerce) with EU VAT numers in the EU country of destination. It is necessary to prove that the product has been transporterd to the other EU Member State.

The invoice must be issued for the EU tax number issued in the respective Member State Country. However, if the buyer does not have an EU Tax Number in another Member Stae Coutry,  Hungarian VAT must be applied. 

VAT Exempt Customers Outside the European Unit (EU)

If the buyer is a non-EU (third country) company with a VAT Number , we will issue a VAT-exempt invoice.

If the buyer is a non-EU (third country) individual, we will issue a VAT-exempt invoice. The exemption is conditional on the product leaving the territory of the EU.

Delivery & Payment

Cost of delivery within Hungary is HUF 800 in case of payment by bank transfer, and HUF 1.950 in case of cash against delivery. 

Orders are delivered within 4-5 days.

Cost of delivery of international orders is calculated based on the costs of the courrier companies, and agreed upon with the customer prior to delivery. Payment is done by bank transfer or PayPal.

Pick up at Our Store/Office

The order can be collected at our office by appointment only made by phone or e-mail and confirmed by us.

Mobile tel. number: +36 20 9327288. E-mail:

Address: 1038 Budapest, Rózsadomb u. 26. 

Bank Account Number

Account Holder: Siema Vital Kft

Account Number:

GIRO: 10701207-47045604-51100005,

IBAN: HU69 1070 1207 4704 5604 5110 0005